I highly recommend GDC Contracting as a reliable, expert contracting company with excellent craftsmen and subcontractors. We started our 18-month renovation project six years ago, unfortunately with an architect who was an expert in ideas and drafting but a novice in project management. GDC was instrumental in picking up the pieces that our architect would invariably miss or plan sub-optimally. In New York City where horror stories about contractors are common, we had the opposite experience. If it had not been for GDC, we never would have completed our project. Even now, years since our project was completed, I can rely on GDC to return promptly whenever I need a tweak or an upgrade. As Gregory Gaske, the head of GDC, once said to me, “You have us for life!” I’m happy to say that he’s stood by his word.
Sahba Vaziri , Upper East Side Duplex

“I recommend GDC in the strongest possible terms and without reservation.

The scope of my project was substantial — combining two apartments, and renovating the entire space. And there was a lot of detail involved: a pre-war building, and a design that maintained the original look.

GDC handled everything with the utmost professionalism and skill. Also very important, GDC’s courteous and sensitive conduct throughout satisfied the co-op building management and neighbors alike. The architect (superb as well) was very demanding, and he too was highly impressed with GDC’s performance. I absolutely love the product. Thanks to GDC, I have an apartment that makes me so very happy, and that exceeds my original expectations.

One last note: GDC’s owner, Greg Gaske, was a great asset to the project. He was involved at every step, and always available. He is a strong manager who gets the job done, but he also is a thoroughly-delightful person and a very decent human being. I am happy to have a telephone conversation about this excellent company. Just ask Greg, and he will provide my contact information.”
– Customer, Brooklyn Heights Co-Op Combination approx. 3,000 sq. ft.

” As an interior designer, I have worked with GDC on several client projects. Gregory Gaske and his team have always gone above and beyond to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship, commitment to excellence, and the highest level of client satisfaction. When it came time to do a gut renovation of my own personal residence, GDC was of course my choice of contractor. Another Job well done! My husband and I could not be more pleased. ”
–Lacey Chaus, Lower East Side Duplex

“Prior to moving into our apartment some sixteen years ago, GDC renovated it with excellent taste, first-rate materials and finishes. Their work included building a library, reconfiguring a master bedroom suite, building three new bathrooms, gutting the old kitchen and building a new one, laying down new oak floors, and adding crown moldings. So satisfied were we with GDC’s work that ten years after the renovation, we had the firm build two new bookcases in the living room in the same style as the nearby library. We remain very happy in our home today because of GDC’s splendid work which we see at every turn.”
–Conrad Harper, Upper East Side Co-Op

“It is with great pleasure and extreme satisfaction that we write this letter of recommendation for a truly professional organization such as GDC lead by an admirable and honest gentlemen Gregory Gaske. We had renovation done on our 5th Avenue duplex in 2014/15 and couldn’t be happier with the professionalism, workmanship and pleasant demeanor of each and every member of the GDC crew. The job was completed on time, high spirits and on day 1 agreed budget.”

“This being our first home renovation job ever and having heard of all the horror stories related to contractors, we’re naturally very concerned. However even at our first meeting with Gregory we somehow instantly felt we’re in good hands. Over the next year we truly experienced that our project was being managed by an extremely knowledgeable, respectful and accessible crew who always had a smile on their face and our best interests at heart. During our project being able to have 24X7X365 accessibility to the highest officers of GDC is something which gave us an immense peace of mind. Now after having lived at our place for just under a year, we never stop telling everybody about how painless and seamless our home remodeling project went. Even everybody from the building super to the doormen and/or the handyman have only good things to say about the project management and delivery skills of GDC and all their sub-contractors.”

“With open heart and immense gratitude we would unreservedly recommend GDC for their craftsmanship, professionalism and delivery.”
– Ranjana and Arunesh Hari, 5th Ave Duplex

“We worked with GDC to renovate our apartment on Central Park West. Greg Gaske was involved at every decision point from original contract through the six months of renovation. Weekly meetings with GDC assured excellent communication throughout the process, with us, our project manager, and with our building management. A new kitchen, new bathrooms, restoration of floors and walls, and attention to every surface in the apartment were all done with the highest professionalism and attention to detail. We recommend GDC with enthusiasm as we have the pleasure everyday of living in our beautiful and excellently renovated apartment!.”
– Ronald and Diane Blum, Central Park West Co-Op

“We wholeheartedly recommend GDC Contracting! They have done two jobs for us, one of them being a full, gut renovation. Greg Gaske is a lovely man and always does the right thing. Our foreman, Jerry, was amazing. He was a pleasure to have in our home and his care and attention to detail has been phenomenal. They truly aim to please and we are thrilled with the way our home has turned out!”
– Jackie Barth & Jay Nydick, Park Ave Duplex

“As I have many relationships within the design and construction industries, GDC Contracting as my contractor of choice for their superb craftsmanship and attention to detail. Mr. Gregory Gaske, owner of GDC Contracting, is the leading force behind this company and was personally involved in every aspect of my project on Park Avenue.”
– Steven J. Stark, Park Ave Co-Op

“Gregory you gave us a sense of relief that we could rely on you while going through the process of renovation to guide us into making the best possible decisions with regard to construction. We are grateful for your availability to answer questions and to rely on your experience and expertise. I do not think there is a better group of people we could have hired to complete our team.”

Thank you all for making this experience memorable.
– Cecelia Ann & Stanley Hauptman, Brooklyn Heights Co-Op

“Renovating an apartment in Manhattan can be a nightmare, but Gregory and GDC made it a dream. They have the vision, skill and integrity that one rarely sees in today’s times. We recommend them highly. ”
–Abby & Robert Fink, Upper East Side Co-Op

“It is truly a pleasure to recommend GDC. I have had the opportunity of working with many contractors over more than twenty years and in my experience they are simply second to none. Not only is their work exceptional, with trades and crews who are professional to the highest standard, I have never had better partners on a project. From the initial creative inception through the bidding process, construction and completion they have been consistent in their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, reliability and honor.”
– Les Goldberg, Chairman & Creative Director LG/ID LLC,

“This company is an interior designers dream come true! With steady guidance of Gregory Gaske, who brings heart and soul to his performance, he has a totally professional team that delivers on time and gets the job done with a great attitude. We applaud his high level of pride and competence.”
– Trisha Reger, ASID, Reger Designs Inc.

“I have been doing business with GDC since early 2000 and continue to find them to be honest, friendly and efficient as well as doing excellent work.  I am proud to call Greg and Vinnie friends.”
– Robin Quivers, Private Residence

“Your top-quality craftsmanship and flawless execution are absolutely impeccable. You always seem to know the right people (subcontractors) for a particular task and have coordinated their work with ease. I especially appreciate your close personal attention to details, which for me, a layman, is difficult to see. Whenever something is not done to the upmost quality, you have demanded that the work be redone. Renovating in a landmark district is never easy, and particularly dealing with demanding neighbors, and a very fickle Landmarks Preservation Board can be very frustrating. But you made it look easy by always finding the best people, and the right people who can get the job done. ”
– Josephine Kuo and Family, Upper West Side Townhouse