WHY CHOOSE GDC Contracting?

At GDC Contracting we recognize selecting a general contractor is one of the most important and challenging decisions a homeowner can make. Our experienced estimating team takes great care and pride ensuring that our proposal is comprehensive, concise and competitive. What sets GDC apart from our competitors are the services we perform that do not appear on any line item of our proposal but are the source of our client satisfaction for nearly 20 years. Regrettably these standards which GDC deems essential are not universally practiced by our competitors. Our clients have come to expect the following from GDC:

-Principal involved with every facet of construction to its conclusion and beyond

-Pre-Construction Analysis

A) Preparation of Architectural documentation, certification, and subcontractor assignment
B) Identify Potential time saving and cost saving measures (Value Engineering)

-Full Time Site Superintendent and Project manager assigned to every project

-Field Office equipped with conference table, desk, Wi-Fi, computer printer/ scanner

-Weekly Site meetings with owner, architect, designer, PM, APM and subs as needed

A) Provide agenda in advance of meeting allowing for input from all parties
B) Minutes documented and distributed within 24 hours of meeting
C) Microsoft Project schedule updated and furnished at every meeting

-Full complement of experienced office staff

A) Procurement dept.
B) Accounting staff who diligently follow budget, contracts, remittances and payments to subs/vendors

-Employ select group of sub-contractors, all of which have decades of experience in NYC construction and who we have a long standing working relationship

-Well versed in every aspect and experienced in navigating all NYC building codes and landmark requirements

-Acquired a reputation throughout the city with building superintendents and management companies for the ease with which we meet their standards, the consideration showed to shareholders, building staff and building common areas as well as the cleanliness and safety of how we perform our craft.

This formula has enabled GDC to consistently succeed for the better part of two decades in the highly competitive world of NYC construction, what’s more gratifying however is it has allowed us to forge lasting relationships that transcend the typical client/contractor relationship, these bonds and these homes are our proudest accomplishment and are both on display throughout the city. We would welcome and encourage you to visit our friends and these sites prior to making a decision on your home.

In closing thank you for the opportunity for allowing GDC Contracting to provide our proposal for the renovation to your home.

Gregory Gaske